License Agreement



To whom it may concern:


We will like to submit the agreement for the sale of “Software Purchased” product listed at:


What we will provide:


  1. Single Domain License for domain ________________ of the “Software Purchased” Product for Applicable Rate.
  2. One Upgrade is provided free after this purchase.
  3. The installation of upgrade is not included in the price mentioned.
  4. The support does not include answers to questions on how to program in php.
  5. The new upgrades can be purchased for 30% of the license fee.
  6. Support will be as per support policy posted on:
  7. After 6 months we are not responsible to answer your support emails if the support is not renewed.
  8. All terms mentioned below are agreeable to you.



Terms of Payment:


1)    Payment can be made via PayPal/Western Union/Bank Transfer/2Checkout only as stated above.

2)    Company Checks/E-Checks are subject to realization and will only be considered paid once they are realized.

3)    The quotation above is a non-refundable in any case.


Terms of Agreement:


1)    The software is a copyrighted property of Vastal I-Tech & Co. and in no case will it be resold or reused in full or in part without written permission of Vastal I-Tech & Co.

2)    This is a binding contract and the buyer has to pay for the services or necessary legal actions may be taken into account.

3)    The intellectual property of the software will remain with Vastal I-Tech & Co.  and we will not be held liable to sell it to others.

4)    The holder of the license will be binding to use the software for his own purposes and in his own domain, single domain at a time.

5)    The license cannot be resold without written permission of Vastal I-Tech & Co...

6)    The license cannot be transferred to anyone without written permission of Vastal I-Tech & Co..

7)    If the website ownership is changed by Company Here, then they will contact Vastal I-Tech & Co. and 30% of the license fee will be charged by Vastal I-Tech & Co. to change the ownership of the license.

8)    Vastal I-Tech & Co.  will not be held liable for any kind of loss/damage occurring due to the usage of the above-mentioned software.

9)    Vastal I-Tech & Co.  is not responsible for the data contained in the software and will not be held liable for any kind of loss occurring due to data theft or any kind.

10)  You can change the script, as you want, But Vastal I-Tech & Co. will not be held liable for any problems arising out of them.

11)  Vastal I-Tech & Co. reserves the right to appoint an attorney in Ludhiana, India Jurisdiction if any of the above terms are broken.

12)  By Purchasing the above-mentioned software, you relieve Vastal I-Tech & Co. from any kind of indemnity charges or claims arising out of the use of the software.

13)  The software is provided free from all kinds of viruses or spy wares, but if any kind of loss occurs because of the use of the above said software Vastal I-Tech & Co. will not be held liable for that loss.

14)  The Software will be kept in fully confidentiality and the source code of the same will not be shared/distributed in full or in part by the Licensee to anyone without the written permission of Vastal I-Tech & Co..

15)  The Software is a property of Vastal I-Tech & Co. and with the above sale the Licensee has the rights to run a business using the same software only on “ONE Domain” at a time.

16)  At the point of sale the buyer agrees that they have seen the script in action on and agrees that it is what he paid for. We have fixed most aspects from the script but if any arise on the buyer’s end, which may be deliberately, put in by buyer or by left unnoticed from our side does not provide the buyer with a right to dispute the money. Once sale is made it is final and not reversible.

17)  NO Resale rights are provided with the above license for the above said software.

18)  Vastal I-Tech & Co.  reserve the right to cancel the license if any terms of this agreement or support policy or refund policy are broken.

19)  All disputes are subject to Ludhiana, India Jurisdiction only and in no case will Vastal I-Tech & Co. or any representative of Vastal I-Tech & Co.  will be asked to appear for disputes outside Ludhiana, India Jurisdiction.


Note: Vastal I-Tech & Co. reserves the right to change/amend these terms at any time depending upon the conditions.


I agree with all the terms mentioned above.


Signed,                                                                                                              Signed,



Your Name Here,                                                            Representative of Vastal I-Tech & Co.

For Company Here,

Phone Here.