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Details - Twitter Clone

  • Current Version : 0.9.9 RC 10 Build: 90 (Released On 30/07/2018)

    We have included alot of new fixes in the system main enhancements are listed below:

    • An auto scroll of the news feed is also included.
    • More aspects covered in the news feed like friend notifications.
    • New Tweet mention notification.
    • New Tweet reply notification.
    • New Photos Uploaded notification.
    • New Friends Follow notification.
    • New Upcoming Birthday's notification.
    • Improved Photo Albums.
    • Improved Videos.
    • Improved Notification System.
    • Increased Speed in Loading Wall.
    • Improved Version 2.0 Profile.
    • and much more...

    You can now rent twit zone to run your community,
    without having to invest into hosting or purchasing the license for only $39.99 per month.
    For Full Details: Click Here

    Price: USD $399.99/domain
    Rental Price: USD $39.99/month
    Please feel free to ask any questions at:

Why Twit Zone - Social Media Script?

  • Why Twit Zone?

    The reason to start a website is to generate more and more users, we have written our code in such a way that you will be able to scale it to as many users as you can get. Our code has always passed the stress test even under extreme conditions, you will see it once you Start using Our Code. The following points stand out in our Code and Our Programming Expertise:

    1) An All OOP Architeture makes it easy to be enhanced and adapt to new social networking trends.

    2) Simple Interface Design with all separate blocks of html makes it easy even for a novice to change small to big things inside the interface, e.g. if you need to change something in header of the site i.e. add a new link all that is needed is editing one link and it gets reflected on the entire website.

    3) Mods: We are releasing new mods every now and then, and sometimes even give them for free to our customers.

    4) No Hidden Costs: We sell at the price mentioned, there is no hidden cost for removal of branding or powered by links or even installing the script and making it work on your servers. All modules you see on the demo are included in the price. Unlike our competition, we do not price small module for heavy pricing and show all modules as part of the demo to lure the customers into shelling out big amount of money from their pockets. We show what we sell in a package.

Key Features - Social Media Software

  • Twitter Like Profile System.
    Twitter Like Stream.
    Facebook Connect Integration.
    Twitter Connect Integration.
    Login using Facebook.
    Login using Twitter.
    User Status Updates.
    CSS Based Templates to easily change the layout.

Full Features - Social Media Script

  • Rest Features Include:

    Instant Notification on site when you get a mail.
    Instant Notification on site when a user follows you.
    Instant Notification on site when someone retweets/likes your idea.
    Messaging Module
    Send a Message to Users that You Follow.
    The Message gets Stored and can be seen by them when they login.
    Interact with them in Real Time.
    Multiple Chat Boxes can be opened at a time.
    Create Chat Groups.
    Share Ideas to Chat Groups.
    Share Messages to Chat Groups.
    Notifications Module:
    Get a Notification when someone mentions you.
    Get a Notification when someone retweets your idea.
    Get a Notification when someone follows you.
    Get a Notification when someone sends a message to you.
    Share text with users.
    Share images with users.
    Share videos with users.
    Share polls with users.
    Payment Packages:: Site Owners can add in the payment packages and sell the subscriptions.
    In admin you can select which parts of the site free users can visit and which parts they cannot.
    Select how many messages a particular package subscriber can send.
    Select how many tweets a particular package subscriber can make.
    Select how many tweets a particular package subscriber can retweet.
    Select how many images a particular package subscriber can share.
    Select how many videos a particular package subscriber can share.
    Select how many polls a particular package subscriber can share.
    Account Settings For Users:
    Change Profile Settings.
    Change Profile Avatar.
    Change Personal Information.
    Change Preferences.
    Change Password.
    Change Blocked Users.
    Change Muted Users.
    Invite Friends.

Live Sites Running Twit Zone

  • Some Live Sites Using Twit Zone:

    As requested by our clients the live websites have been removed from the list. Please contact us to get the list of live websites using Twit Zone.

Requirements To Run Twit Zone

  • Server Requirements:
    Preferred Server: Linux any Version
    PHP 4.1.0 or above
    MySQL 3.1.10 or above
    GD Library 2.0.1 or above
    Mod Rewrite and .htaccess enabled on server.

    Folowing php settings are advisable/necessary:
    upload_max_filesize = 300000000
    post_max_size = 300000000
    register_globals = off (This setting is required)
    display_errors = off
    log_errors = off
    magic_quotes_gpc = on
    magic_quotes_runtime = off
    max_execution_time = 9000
    max_input_time = 9000
    memory_limit = 100M
    If php version is 5+ then register_long_arrays is required to be set to on.

Live Demo Twit Zone

Price: USD $399.99/domain
Rental Price: USD $39.99/month

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