Support Policy

Our Support Policy (Last Updated: 24/01/2008)

Areas of Coverage

1)      Covered by Support:

a.       Vastal I-Tech support will cover common issues as mentioned below relating to software:

                                                               i.      Only one latest version is covered under support. (If you are still in 6 months support, and are running old version your free support will continue and the same will be supported, but we will urge you to upgrade the version since you get free upgrade).

                                                             ii.      Questions about features of the software.

                                                            iii.      Questions about basic setup of the software.

                                                           iv.      Bugs in the software, bugs do not cover any additional features and bugs cover only the features already covered in the software.  E.g.: The journal form does not have a WYSIWYG Editor, the support does not cover adding the editor into the same.

                                                             v.      Email for Support to

2)      Not Covered by support:

a.       Our support does not cover the following points:

                                                               i.      Older product versions.

                                                             ii.      Creating or assisting in creating any sort of modification or additions in the core software including php code, css, images and html layout.

                                                            iii.      Problems relating to server.

                                                           iv.      Problems relating to browsers.

                                                             v.      Problems relating to 3rd party software’s, e.g.: Adobe makes swf files and xml files cache in the computer by default, we cannot make that go away and problems like these will not be covered under support.

                                                           vi.      Any modification done by the customer himself which results in an error/bug.

                                                          vii.      Integrations with 3rd party software’s advertised or not advertised by Vastal I-Tech & Co.

3)      Procedure of Support:

a.       The below listed methods are taken by Vastal I-Tech & Co. when an issues arises and you need help to solve it.

                                                               i.      Check the server if it meets all the requirements mentioned.

                                                             ii.      If any default files have been modified by you the client needs to take a backup of the software and upload the default files himself.

                                                            iii.      Check all files and folders are in right place and all required folders have the required permissions.

                                                           iv.      Check that the same issue is appearing on our live demo.

                                                             v.      Enable error reporting in php.


If the above steps do not solve the case of the client then send it to Vastal I-Tech & Co. It will look over and fix the same.


4)      Reasons for not providing support:

a.       If the requested support is for an unsupported area.

b.      The abuse of our representatives and we do not allow any of our clients to abuse our representatives in any way. If such a situation occurs then you will be given a reminder and if the issue still continues your support and license will be withdrawn.

c.       Invalid license or account.

5)      Support Period:

a.       Our support period is for 6 months from the date/time of purchase of license. If in case the buyer wants to extend the support period the same can be extended by paying extra charges at the rate of USD $120/year.

b.      “Rental License” supports are valid until the rental continues.

c.       Our support can take a longer period then agreed upon depending upon the problems which are reported and in that case the client is not at freedom to abuse our support team, if he resorts to that method then his license and support will be withdrawn.

Note: Vastal I-Tech & Co. reserves the right to make any additions and alterations in the above support policy depending on the conditions at any time.