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Details - Bus Zone - Bus Ticketing Software

  • Current Version : 1.0.1 RC 1 Build: 20 (Released On 10/10/2017)

    Bus Zone is an online bus ticket booking and reservation system. You can use the system to run your travel agency or your bus service very easily. The system has been written in PHP/MySQL with no framework, the reason for not using any framework is so that there is no dependency on any 3rd party. No dependency on any 3rd party means we can manage/add/remove/fix anything at any time. The code is written in a very professional way and is not cluttered at all, anyone with a basic knowledge of how php and mysql works can look around and do changes. The changes can be according to what you desire i.e. any module is needed or design needs to be changed. There are no restrictions of any kind and the files are arranged in a way which makes it easy for developers to find and do stuff. Anyone who can operate a computer can manage the system from the admin panel as it is just a point and click.

    Product Highlights:

    • Performance Oriented : Will not clog the server even in a high traffic scenario.
    • Easily Customizable : Any developer who knows php/mysql/html/css can change or add anything in the software.
    • Easily Extensible : An all oop architecture helps developers to create extensions easily and integrate them with the system.
    • Easy Registration : Users can register easily and book seats.
    • Payment Management - You can manage payments easily.
    • Ticket Cancellation Management : You can manage ticket cancellations easily.
    • Ticket Print Management : Users can print the tickets easily.
    • Booking Management : You can easily manage all bookings of the buses.
    • Tariff Management : You can change the tariff of routes/buses easily.
    • Schedule Management : You can add/edit/delete schedule of buses easily.
    • Bus Ticket Management : See who has reserved the ticket and verify its purchase easily.
    • Seat Management : You can generate the bus tickets/layout of the bus from the admin panel.
    • Booking Reports : See who has booked which seat how many seats were booked today and other reports easily.
    • Add Users : You can add users/vendors/agents from the admin panel and manage them easily.
    • Email Notifications : Email notifications are sent to all users who have booked tickets or joined on the website.
    • Promo Code Management : You can easily manage the promo codes and make them available for users whenever you need to start a promotion.
    • Customization Possible : Full source code is provided upon purchase of the system and you can easily customize it according to your needs.

Features Of Bus Zone - Bus Ticketing System

The system consists of the following modules:

  • Admin Module
  • User Module

  • Features of Admin Module Include:

  • See Reports
  • Manage Cities Serviced
  • Manage Localities Serviced
  • Manage Bus Seat Types
  • Manage Coaches
  • Manage Bus Services
  • Manage Coupon Codes
  • Manage Members
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Cancelled Bookings
  • Manage Website Pages
  • Manage Admin Users

  • Features of User Module Include:
  • Registration
  • Search For Buses
  • Booking System
  • Use Promo Code
  • Ticket Printing System
  • Ticket Cancellation System
  • View Booking History
  • View Refund Status
  • View Bus Galleries
  • Why Bus Zone?

    The big question is why choose Buddy Zone from the rest in the market. Buddy Zone has been developed with utmost care to keep the future trends in mind. The following points stand out:

    1) An All OOP Architeture makes it easy to be enhanced and adapt to new bus booking trends.

    2) Simple Interface Design with all separate blocks of html makes it easy even for a novice to change small to big things inside the interface, e.g. if you need to change something in header of the site i.e. add a new link all that is needed is editing one link and it gets reflected on the entire website.

    3) Mods: We are releasing new mods every now and then, and sometimes even give them for free to our customers.

    4) No Hidden Costs: We sell at the price mentioned, there is no hidden cost for removal of branding or powered by links or even installing the script and making it work on your servers. All modules you see on the demo are included in the price. Unlike our competition, we do not price small module for heavy pricing and show all modules as part of the demo to lure the customers into shelling out big amount of money from their pockets. We show what we sell in a package.

    Requirements To Run Bus Zone

    • Server Requirements:
      Preferred Server: Linux any Version
      PHP 4.1.0 or above
      MySQL 3.1.10 or above
      GD Library 2.0.1 or above
      Mod Rewrite and .htaccess enabled on server.

      Folowing php settings are advisable/necessary:
      upload_max_filesize = 300000000
      post_max_size = 300000000
      register_globals = off (This setting is required)
      display_errors = off
      log_errors = off
      magic_quotes_gpc = on
      magic_quotes_runtime = off
      max_execution_time = 9000
      max_input_time = 9000
      memory_limit = 100M
      If php version is 5+ then register_long_arrays is required to be set to on.

    Live Demo Bus Zone

    Price: USD $199.99/domain
    Rental Price: USD $29.99/month

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    Bus Zone - Bus Ticketing Software - Redbus Clone!