HD Wallpapers Application


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Features Include:

Admin Panel

1) Add Wallpaper Category

2) Edit/Delete Wallpaper Category

3) Add Wallpaper Sub Category

4) Edit/Delete Wallpaper Sub Category

5) Add Single Wallpaper

6) Add Multiple Wallpapers

7) Edit/Delete Wallpapers

8) Change AdMob settings.

9) Change StartApp settings.

Application Side:

1) Display Wallpaper Categories

2) Display Wallpaper Sub Categories

3) Display Wallpapers

4) Set As Wallpaper

5) Save To Device

6) Open Wallpapers

7) Pinch to Zoom

8) Display AdMob advertisements

and much more...

Price: USD $19.99/domain
Rental Price: USD $0.00/month

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HD Wallpapers Application